There are some special lotteries out there that are untaxed. Usually, they're the European multi-national lottos. It makes sense that they're not taxed because, in the end, which state should impose the tax? One of them at random? All of them? It's too much of a hassle logistically, and in point of fact only the eggheads in Switzerland will tax on a multinational jackpot.

The problem with trans-national and multi-national or multi-state lotteries like EuroMillions in Europe and Mega Millions in the United States, is that the odds of winning are less than slim. They're less than the odds of being struck by lightning. Worse than that. They're less than the odds of being hit in the head by an asteroid.

The problem is that the smaller lotteries - all the local ones are heavily taxed. It's a dilemma, because those are the ones that are actually winnable. Luckily, there is a way to have your cake and to eat it too. It's called El Gordo Lotto, affectionately known as "the fat one".

It's a Spanish national lottery with some hefty jackpots and absolutely no tax. This lottery has been Spain's most popular lotto game since 1997, edging out their much beloved La Primitiva, which has been going on since the 1700s.

The party is just for the Spanish, though. As with all lotteries you have to buy your ticket physically, in a kiosk, in Spain. So if you live in Leeds or Amsterdam or Shanghai, you can see how that could be a problem if you wanted to try your hand at this fantastic lottery that lets you keep all your money if you win. You don't beat a lottery by buying one ticket during a visit to Spain. Who visits Spain anyway, these days? You need to play it and keep playing it if you want to win it.

It's a good thing that you're alive today, because thanks to the wonders of modern computing you have something called the internet at your disposal. And the internet makes it possible for you to buy your lottery tickets from wherever you may be through a fantastic service called LotteryMaster, which makes it possible to play El Gordo from anywhere in the world in a very ingenuous manner.

What happens is that you log in with a username. You can select El Gordo from a list of lotteries, and you will be presented with a digital reproduction of your grid. Click the numbers you want and submit. That's it. Some guy in Spain who may have been out of work for the past three years due to a collapsing economy will be more than happy to run to the store and buy your ticket for you. He will then scan the ticket and send you a copy with a receipt and the original ticket ends up in a secure storage facility that no one has access to except for you, using your secure code.

That's it. It simply can't get easier than that. You get all the lottery stats since its inception at your fingertips. You get excellent customer service. You get automatic notifications of draws and results. You even get automatically notified if you're a winner, so you don't even have to schedule time to look up the lottery results. LotteryMaster basically streamlines the process and makes it so easy that there is no excuse not to play El Gordo, no matter where you are in the world.